CCS Inspired

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Establishing excellence through differentiation

Chefs Against Plastic Waste

Download Chefs Against Plastic Waste.

Join the CCS Chefs Against Plastic Waste campaign today!

Cutlery from CCS

Download Cutlery from CCS.

Explore our cutlery ranges from Studio William and Charingworth.

Chaud Devant Look Book 2018/19

Download Chaud Devant Look Book 2018/19.

Chaud Devant & CCS presents its brand new Lookbook! This catalogue has more than 80 pages with chef jackets, trousers, aprons and bib aprons. We've also added extra information like care instructions, fabric designs and size charts. More products, bigger pictures and easier to navigate.

Jars 2018 Catalogue

Download Jars 2018 Catalogue.


From its roots in horticultural pottery through to today’s much sought-after contemporary tableware collections in glazed stoneware, Jars’ history spans more than a 150 years.

Concept Dining Solutions

Download Concept Dining Solutions.

With the help of CCS, design your own BESPOKE concept dining solutions.

RAK Polaris Catalogue 2018

Download RAK Polaris Catalogue 2018. Polaris, a new extra white and extra solid porcelain by RAK Porcelain.

RAK Opulence Catalogue 2018

Download RAK Opulence Catalogue 2018. Ignite your passion. Opulence presents six versatile personalities to set your mind on fire. Set the room alight with porcelain of pure delight.

RAK Ivoris Catalogue 2018

Download RAK Ivoris Catalogue 2018. RAK Porcelain acts as a partner to leaders in all hospitality categories in search of excellence with those that are convinced that the tableware adds value to their table and to their guest experience.

RAK Fusion Catalogue 2018

Download RAK Fusion Catalogue 2018. Welcome to an era in which inspiration has no borders, where chefs blend East with West, traditional and avant-garde recipes. RAK Porcelain presents its new Fusion collection.

Chaud Devant Essence Magazine / Issue 3

Download Chaud Devant Essence Magazine / Issue 3. Issue 3 of Essence Magazine - embracing culinary trends in cooking apparel.

Imagilights: Moments Collection

Download Imagilights: Moments Collection. The MOMENTS collection is made from stainless steel and brushed anodized aluminum and provides a gentle elegance to any interior and ambiance.

Imagilights 2018 Catalogue

Download Imagilights 2018 Catalogue. IMAGILIGHTS® offers you the best LED technology, containing a life span of over 50.000 light hours, making it the most sustainable alternative to traditional lighting systems. Next to our main wireless range we also offer a variety of wired lighting products.

Jacques Pergay Catalogue

Download Jacques Pergay Catalogue.

Discover the uniqueness of Jacques Pergay, hand made tableware exclusive to CCS.

Pordamsa 2018 Sublime Catalogue

Download Pordamsa 2018 Sublime Catalogue. Designed for Chefs who actively seek for aesthetic and functional value to their presentations, PORDAMSA has created with his skilled artisans and designers this selection of excepcional articles.

Pordamsa 2018 Catalogue

Download Pordamsa 2018 Catalogue. Founded in 1975, PORDAMSA is a trend-setting porcelain manufacturer known for its high level of innovative designs to an ever changing global marketplace.

Buffet by Mealplak

Download Buffet by Mealplak. Buffet by Mealplak; Exploring the features & benefits.

Mealplak 2018 Catalogue

Download Mealplak 2018 Catalogue. Dare the difference with Mealplak: Our goal is simple; put your needs as hotel and restaurant professionals at the heart of our reflections by adding the impertinence and boldness that characterizes Mealplak.

RAK Catalogue Collection

Download RAK Catalogue Collection. Make sure its RAK! RAK Porcelain exclusive to CCS offers a wide collection of ranges to cater for all needs. Browse the RAK Catalogue Collection today.

REVOL Equinoxe 2018

Download REVOL Equinoxe 2018. The Sun and Moon play with the Earth, and the Equinox marks the change in seasons, heralding new harvests and awakening the chef’s creativity. View the Equinoxe Collection here.

REVOL Catalogue 2018

Download REVOL Catalogue 2018. REVOL REINVENTS PORCELAIN: REVOL provides endless ways to transform your dining tables and delight your guests. Browse the 2018 Catalogue here.

William Edwards: Snipe Frost Range

Download William Edwards: Snipe Frost Range. William Edwards’ long-standing reputation for world-class design and production made him the obvious partner for Brett Graham’s own meticulous attention to detail. In 2016, they started collaborating on a project to create the ultimate tableware for fine dining.

The Essentials - ONE

Download The Essentials - ONE. The Essentials from CCS encompasses the very best quality kitchen equipment, innovative machinery and back of house fundamentals required for a slick foodservice operation. Our look may have changed, but our mission remains the same; to offer you – Inspiration | Innovation | Differentiation

Witloft Knife Rolls

Download Witloft Knife Rolls. The authentic WITLOFT knife rolls are made of high quality saddle leather. The leather used is of Dutch origin, which means each article is unique. Because leather is a living product and breathes the products get more beautiful over time and wear.

William Edwards/CCS Hospitality Brochure

Download William Edwards/CCS Hospitality Brochure. William Edwards have established a world renowned reputation for stylish design and traditional craftsmanship to produce the finest bone china available.

Concept Dining Solutions from CCS

Download Concept Dining Solutions from CCS. Design your own bespoke concept dining solutions from Continental Chef Supplies.

Zieher 2018 Catalogue

Download Zieher 2018 Catalogue.

Immerse yourself in a fine selection of atmospheric images supposed to inspire you through the presentation of artistically presented dishes. Allow yourself to be captivated by extra-vagant images.

The Collection - ONE

Download The Collection - ONE. The Collection from CC S encompasses only the very best quality tabletop and buffet solutions, giving you access to the most exclusive brands and cutting edge products, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Contract Catering Solutions from CCS

Download Contract Catering Solutions from CCS.

SOLUTIONS DEDICATED TO CONTRACT CATERERS. Renowned for sourcing the most innovative, reliable and high quality catering equipment, we understand the importance of keeping up with the demands of today’s modern chef, kitchen and diner.

Chaud Devant/CCS Look Book

Download Chaud Devant/CCS Look Book. Chaud Devant & CCS presents its brand new Lookbook! This catalogue has more than 80 pages with chef jackets, trousers, aprons and bib aprons. We've also added extra information like care instructions, fabric designs and size charts. More products, bigger pictures and easier to navigate.

RAK - Metal Fusion

Download RAK - Metal Fusion. RAK Porcelain introduces Metal Fusion.

Shell Line by Cookplay

Download Shell Line by Cookplay. Shell Line tableware is inspired in nature with elegant and stylish lines that offers great organic volumes and functionality in each piece of the collection

Graupera 2017

Download Graupera 2017. The new generation of terracotta, available from CCS.

Claude Dozorme Catalogue 2017

Download Claude Dozorme Catalogue 2017. The latest catalogue from luxury signature knife manufacturers, Claude Dozorme.

Chaud Devant Ambition Magazine / Issue 2

Download Chaud Devant Ambition Magazine / Issue 2. Issue 2 of Ambition Magazine - embracing culinary trends in cooking apparel.

New for 2017 - Moments from Imagilights

Download New for 2017 - Moments from Imagilights. The MOMENTS collection has been created for the most demanding individuals who desire supreme finesse within the hotel, restaurant and interior design industry. This contemporary collection provides a gentle elegance to any interior and ambience.

Recycled Plastic Bottles Collection by Chaud Devant

Download Recycled Plastic Bottles Collection by Chaud Devant. Introducing Chaud Devant’s award-winning Recycled Plastic Bottles collection, a must for any chef looking to combine comfort and style with sustainability!

An Audience with.....Compilation

Download An Audience with.....Compilation. CCS has teamed up with The Caterer to bring you the compelling 'Audience With' interviews featuring some of the leading names in our industry. These intimate and in-depth interviews give an extra dimension to the lives and careers of these world-class chefs.

Persperctives #3 by RAK Porcelain

Download Persperctives #3 by RAK Porcelain. It is with great pleasure that we present our third edition of "Perspectives": The international magazine of taste and aesthetics.

livecookintable Brochure

Download livecookintable Brochure.

Live Cooking and Demo Solutions. The first modular and portable furniture for food presentation and live cooking. Straight out of the carry bag! What looks like luxury kitchen furniture is actually a new solution for prfessional catering - combining sleek design, high quality finishes and unique patterns.

Access by RAK Porcelain

Download Access by RAK Porcelain. RAK Porcelain combines the finest raw materials to make porcelain that is dazzlingly white.

RAK - Neo Fusion

Download RAK - Neo Fusion. RAK Porcelain introduces Neo Fusion.

Arborescence by Revol

Download Arborescence by Revol. Revol introduce a new range called 'Arborescence' - This generous and audacious nature is a source of inspiration that drives our quest for harmony of shapes, materials and colours.

Urban Cultivator Catalogue

Download Urban Cultivator Catalogue. It's a fresh new world with Urban Cultivator, available in two sizes it allows you to grow your own produce, saving you money. Talk to us today about Urban Cultivator.

EziProtekta from Toffeln - Heel to Toe Protection

Download EziProtekta from Toffeln - Heel to Toe Protection. EziProtekta is a breakthrough in shoe safety and extreme comfort. The result of years of research and development, EziProtekta combines comfort and correct support with lightweight materials and a composite safety toe cap; making it the safest in its class. Not only does it exceed EziProtekta meet European standard EN ISO 23045 SRC, it exceeds it.

Peppery Collection from RAK

Download Peppery Collection from RAK. RAK Porcelain presents a new artisanal-looking dinnerware collection: Peppery. With round, oval, and rectangular serving pieces, this "all-over" decoration fits to the current trend for rustic, natural, and agrarian looks for the tabletop. Made with a variety of colors that can be mixed and matched, Peppery is decorated underglaze and designed to meet the toughest hospitality industry standards.

Afternoon Tea Solutions

Download Afternoon Tea Solutions. Afternoon tea is a time honoured English tradition. CCS stock a wide and varied range of afternoon tea stands to accommodate your ideas and concepts. Whether you’re serving Earl Grey or Grey Goose – our ranges cover traditional styles and more updated looks that are certain to make your afternoon tea settings stand out.

Celebrating 10 Years of Inspiration

Download Celebrating 10 Years of Inspiration. Ten years on, we celebrate the success of Table Art which has evolved from a stand alone publication into a pull-out supplement inside our Quarterly magazine, since its redesign Table Art has carried on its tradition of involving michelin starred chefs such as Alyn Williams, Shaun Rankin, Aggi Sverrisson and Mark Poynton.

NIKKO: Excellent Dinnerware Since 1908

Download NIKKO: Excellent Dinnerware Since 1908. Fine dinnerware will enhance any occasion, from everyday gatherings to that special event with family and friends. For more than 100 years NIKKO has produced tableware for fine retail stores, as well as for leading hotels and restaurants worldwide.

Bespoke Merchandising Solutions

Download Bespoke Merchandising Solutions. At CCS we have considerable experience producing bespoke merchandising solutions for many restaurants & hotels throughout the UK, and we strive to product top quality items that you will be extremely happy with.

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