You can’t go wrong with the taste of a classic British dish; the warming feeling is too much to pass up. When it comes to choosing the most staple British dishes, you’ll find disagreements everywhere. However, we’ve decided to put together what we think are the Top 5 classics that are sure to remain the heart of Britain.

1. Steak and Kidney Pie. 

Us Brits are obsessed with this combination of pastry, meat and sauce. Comfort food that is most favoured in the autumn months, we couldn’t leave this much-loved classic out of the mix. This would cook up nicely in our durable British pie dish. Steak and kidney pies have even been sized down into an on-the-go lunch by Greggs, what could be better?

2. Fish and Chips. 

Served best by the seaside. One that could not be forgotten about is Fish and Chips. We Brits love it. Although the best experience for fish and chips is sitting on the pier, we serve it everywhere. Fish and chips feature on nearly every gastropub menu, and around every corner you’re more than likely to find a takeaway shop. Dominic Chapman has brought this dish back into the comforts of our home and is one chef who enjoys the homemade version. This British classic is one we’re stuck with.

3. Apple Crumble. 

Whether you like it with apple or rhubarb, you can’t deny how hard it is to resist this British classic. Plumped up with warm pieces of fruit and an oat crumble top, full of texture and homely feels. There is so much leeway with this dish, giving us the ability to add any fruit we want which is why it makes it one of the best British dishes. This would look even more pleasing in one of our Milano Dessert Bowls. Don’t forget the custard.

4. Shepherds Pie/Cottage Pie.

You’ll never eat anything more British than one of these, inadvertently the same dish but with a change in meat. The most staple of all home cooked meals, a true classic. Whether you’re having lamb or beef mince this dish is packed with vegetables, sauce and that creamy layer of mash potato on top. Andrew MacKenzie has showcased his fondness for adding cheese to his Shepherd’s Pie, do you put cheese on yours?

5. Bread and Butter Pudding. 

Nothing better than a cosy dessert to wrap up these British classics. You’d never think that bread and butter could be made into a creamy dessert, full of rich flavours and sweetness of the fruit. It’s truly a marvelous dish, that is rare to find at many restaurants. Paul Heathcote is a believer in this British classic, by reviving it and creating his own recipe on the savoury but sweet dessert.

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