Have you ever wondered what goes into slicing meat & fish like an expert? Here at Continental Chef Supplies we have put together our recommended chefs’ knives to get you started at professionally preparing your fine cuts of meat. We have also got tips & tricks on how to ensure your cuts are beautifully done.

Samura Okinawa Yanagiba a traditional Japanese knife that chefs need to work with fish fillet. It is frequently used to prepare sashimi and sushi; the length of the blade allows you to cut in a single hand movement while its wooden handle sits comfortably in your palm.Head Chef Olivier Certain from The Masons Arms Knowstone previously spoke to us in an interview where he told us about his love for preparing & cooking fish, he has shared with us his tips on how to fillet fish like a pro.

“Place the fish horizontally with the head on the right of the chopping board, make a cut below the gill at an angle from the middle bone of the fish down to the belly, and then run the knife along the top from behind the head along the top of the dorsal fin to the tail. Finally, run the knife from the top against the bone to free the first fillet trying to stay as close to the bone as possible.”

Samura MO-V Boning Knife is packed with single-layered steel with an advanced ergonomic handle; perfect for food preparation when removing bones out of poultry, meat & fish. The special curved blade of the knife allows you to cut meat away from bones and joints, and its flexibility will help you make thin, precise cuts. Chef Jomon Kuriakose created a clip of him deboning a chicken leg, he shared with us the ten steps he expertly takes.

Step 1: Locate the Joint

Step 2: Divide the Leg

Step 3: Set aside the Drumstick

Step 4: Remove the Skin

Step 5: Trim the Fat

Step 6: Find the Bone

Step 7: Make the First Incision with the top of the knife

Step 8: Expose the Bone

Step 9: Scrape the Bone

Step 10: Separate Meat From Bone

Samura Damascus Knives are made from 67 layers of highest quality modern industrial Japanese Damascus steel, these are a perfect combination of the ancient art of metal processing and “high-tech”. The National Chef of The Year finalists all received one these impeccable chefs knives in their ‘goodie box’, one of the ten finalists Nick Smith spoke to us about his ‘slicing meat & fish’ tips alongside images of him in action.

“To ensure the best finish to your meat in most circumstances is to cut against the grain, this lends the meat to be more tender when eating than along the grain. Another important factor before cutting any cooked meat is to allow it time to rest, this will help the meat to relax & allow those beautiful juices that you want to retain back into the meat before carving. This rule of thumb also applies to fish especially raw dishes like ceviche. It is good practice to slice the fish in one clean cut as supposed to a sawing motion. This will give you a clean & presentable finish with the fish & not tearing its delicate flesh. All in all the knife is a very important factor to a chefs life.”

Another of The National Chef of The Year Finalists,  Fraser Bruce showed off his knife skills with the Samura Damascus Chef Knife. The quality of Samura knives has been already tested by hundreds of kitchen chefs and cooking enthusiasts, who confess that their cooking skills and performance were improved! The handle is made of a high-pressure fiberglass laminate and it feels soft and comfortable. The metal bolster on the handle will ensure the highest level of hygiene possible by preventing your fingers from encountering the food.

“Here I’m filleting a Cornish wild black bream. Some tips I swear by are to always use a sharp knife (obviously) but it is so important, make an incision and run your knife so you can feel it along the backbone of the fish ,then in clean swift strokes to ensure you remove all the fillet without losing any of the flesh. Practice makes perfect.

Be aware of what is in season and use sustainably.”

These tips & tricks have been put together by professional chefs who want to guide a beginner, or perhaps just someone who wants to know how to fillet a fish or slice meat in the correct way. Continental Chef Supplies would like to thank the Chefs who participated.

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