RAK Porcelain earlier this year released what they describe as the “tableware innovation of 2020”, ‘RAK Stone’. An amalgamation of the best of both worlds as it flaunts the look and finish of stoneware yet is fully vitreous and edge resistant like porcelain.

RAK Stone is a collection which was born with the creation of a new material from the desire to share unique memories. They paid great attention to details by using high quality materials with earthy colour tones. The inspiration comes from the process of hand modelling and decoration in traditional studio pottery.

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Spot is a timeless elegance; its abstract and unique patterns lends visual perfection on to plated meals. The grit and grace of natural stone is crafted on premium quality porcelain. RAK has added brand new organic shapes within the Spot range that are handcrafted and offered with a Five-Year Anti Edge Chip Guarantee. The innovative shapes will give you various ways to present your dishes, bringing creativity to your dining setting.

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Ease reflects unrivalled luxury. The interplay of speckled colours and the durability of stoneware results in distinct porcelain pieces that adorn dining tables with novelty. These pieces of tableware are sure to make an impression, from Honey to Cobalt the colours will fit into your ideal dining theme. RAK Porcelain and its distribution networks will offer you a limited guarantee covering chipping for the RAK Stone collection.

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RAK Porcelain Product Care


To preserve the glaze of the items, always stack vertically and do not slide one piece onto another.


 - Chipping is usually the result of rough handling during the washing process or storage.

- Clean the any food remaining on the dinnerware by using a specific utensil; do not hit the dirty plate against the garbage bin.

- RAK hotel grade porcelain is microwave and salamander safe.

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