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Whether you’re in the kitchen or at the dinner table, all you need is one dish and REVOL is continuously striving to re-envision it for you! The pleasure of creating, the joy of sharing, there has never been so must interest in cooking.. Today, it is as much something to be enjoyed by inspired professionals as it is for amateur enthusiasts. But they both all have one thing in common: the desire to create something that tastes and looks good. This is the new challenge: cooking, serving and enjoying your meal in a single dish, with your taste buds, and your eyes, all whilst combining performance and design. Today REVOL is a dynamic company, driven by talented people creating beautiful, functional, innovative and high-performance products, the global success of which is fantastic motivation for us to continually move forward.

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Lion Head Soup Tureen 110mmdia90mmh

£6.56 inc VAT
Code: H226

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