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It's All In the Detail

06 November 2012

It's All In the Detail

Chef Grant Achatz of Alinea restaurant in Chicago is renowned for his brilliant fundamentals and his relentless pursuit of innovation in the kitchen. Martin Kastner the brainchild behind the Chicago based design company Crucial Detail, is a multi-award winning designer. When the two collaborated it resulted in the creation of a range of tableware designs that have captured the imagination of the industry by creating entirely new and beautiful ways of presenting and delivering food. 

For the first time Continental Chef Supplies are able to bring this exclusive range of Crucial Detail metal products to the UK hospitality industry. A small but precision engineered range of pieces which allows chefs to explore and take food presentation to the next level and beyond.

With its ground breaking collection of unique items including the antenna, bow, squid trivet and eye ice chip holder it is a bold and dynamic statement from one of the world’s great chefs and one of the world’s most forward thinking designers.

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